Estate Clean Out

We understand life’s most difficult moments can be overwhelming.  Whether it is a matter of downsizing, family member moving out, loss of a loved one, the clean out after an estate sale, the tasks can be daunting.  One of our most recent requests was an Estate Clean Out so we added this to our list of services.  This typically happens after the Estate Sale and there are still a number of items left to sell, donate, clean up and prep the home to sell or for their new owners.


  • Evaluate remaining items left to sell.
  • Arrange to provide buyers for any remaining items leftover from the Estate Sale.  Luxus will not take commission from these sales.
  • Provide a full inventory of items sold and the prices they sold for.
  • Pack up and donate useful items for charity in your name.
  • Provided a detailed list of items donated, fair market value and receipt for tax deduction.
  • Gather anything personal such as photos, papers, jewelry, money, etc.  We will ship items to family members.
  • Remove all remaining debris from home, most of the time a dumpster is required.  Owner pays the cost for the dumpster.  We will not remove toxic items.  For example, left over paint.  We will call around to find out when the next available drop off is for specific items.
  • Thoroughly clean home.
  • Garden Clean Up
  • Will provide a detailed list of projects completed

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